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Academic Requirements

General conditions of admission

The main objective of the program is to provide advanced and specialized training in computer science, software development and applied computer science. This program is particularly aimed to people working in the software industry who need more formal and up-to-date knowledge and those who wish to acquire solid training in this field.

Application for admission

Applicants must do so by completing the online registration form available on the EU website. It is possible, if necessary, to obtain a printed copy of the form by contacting the administration.

Required documents

  • Completed admission application form
  • Copy of the birth certificate or extract of certificate of birth;
  • Copy of high school diploma (original and 2 copies)
  • National identification card;
  • Immatriculation Number;
  • E-mail address (email)
  • Deadlines for admission

UE recommends that all applicants for a study program consider the published enrollment dates to submit their application within the required limits.

Refusal or Rejection

The University automatically rejects any application for admission that is incomplete or submitted after the registration deadlines.