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Educational Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Education

Number of credits: 120

Duration: 4 years


1. Train educated and competent managers capable of effectively managing administrative and/or educational institutions;

2. Increase the number of education professionals in the country;

3. Train teacher-researchers interested in producing in-depth reflections on education in Haiti and abroad;

4. Contribute to improving the quality of education in the country. This programme is intended for people who wish to complete their basic education in the educational sciences. The training period ends with the presentation of a final thesis or an internship report approved by the faculty.

Diploma in Educational Science

Number of credits: 60

Duration: 2 years


1. Provide for the training of teachers and qualified professionals;

2. To stimulate interest in the education and training of honest, informed and dynamic citizens;

3. Contribute to the improvement of teaching, practices, in particular through the diversification of teaching methods and methods and process and the use of new information and communication technologies. This program is intended for anyone who wishes to acquire skills in the educational sciences. It is particularly interested in those who are already working in the field and want to improve their performance.