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Who Are We?

The Université Espoir of Calvary Chapel, known by the acronym “UEspoir”, is a non-profit Christian institution founded by Calvary Chapel Church in Port-au-Prince in August 2015. At the beginning, there were only two disciplines: Business Management and Computer Science. In addition to these two disciplines, two more have been added: Accounting Sciences and Education Sciences.

UEspoir is not another university. It is rather the result of long reflections of the leaders of the Calvary Chapel church of Port-au-Prince who, questioned by the socio-economic and political situation of the country, have studied, among other things, the response to be given to unsatisfied young people to continue their training. That's why University Espoir assures that excellence is within everyone's reach by offering quality training at unbeatable costs in the sector.

Uespoir is not an additional University. It is different since it is the result of a long-term reflection of the leaders of Calvary Chapel Church in Port-au-Prince. Concerned by the socio-economic and political situation of the country, they were thinking on the response to give to the unsatisfied young people who desire to pursue their university studies.

UEspoir wants to ensure that excellence is within everyone’s reach by offering a training of quality with an affordable price. It is a sin ne qua non condition for the creation of wealth and sustainable development in Haiti.